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JRP Concession Trailers is located at Exit 119-A, I-95 North in Wilson, North Carolina. We have been in the food business for over 18 years. We started out with a restaurant business in 1985 and it did not take long to realize that the food industry was where I wanted to be. Enjoyable work, great profits and you get to meet a lot of different people.

Only one problem, Overhead. I soon found that if you take those great profits and put them in a building with rent, utilities, insurance, employees, state and local taxes the profits were not so great any more. I was sure I wanted to stay in the food business, but I had to find a way that when all the bills were paid, there would be money left over for someone I like very much, ME! I knew the profit margin for food was very high, around 75%. How could I eliminate those overhead expenses?

Then I had a wonderful idea, I will put this profitable business in a Trailer. No I didn't invent the Concession Trailer, but I sure am glad I started using it. It only took me one month to see that this was the best idea I had ever had.

Now the big question, how did I get from using them to building them? I knew I wanted a first class Concession Trailer that was usable and very visible. The only problem was I didn’t have 90 to 100 thousand dollars to buy a Schantz, WayMatic or a Uniglider. So to make a long story short, I took the talent that the good Lord gave me, such as building, welding, plumbing and business sense, and built my first Concession Trailer. Well it was a hit! Everywhere I went people would ask me where I bought my Concession Trailer. Most important, the health department here was very impressed and issued me a permit on the spot. By using all stainless steel inside, I found that it was easy to get permits wherever I was scheduled to setup.

Well, one day a man came up to order a hotdog and made me and offer I could not refuse. He wanted a hotdog and my Concession Trailer. So I sold it! I then took that money and built another Concession Trailer and so on and so on.

We have sold Concession Trailers as far south as Key West, Florida and north all the way to Michigan, with lots of satisfied customers in between. We can easily give you testimonials of people just like you who want a “High Quality” and “Well Built” Concession Trailer at an affordable price.

We now offer Concession Trailers by Freedom Trailers. Most of our Trailers are ordered from Indiana, the Trailer capital of the world. We offer a complete line of Concession Trailers from a full kitchen to a shaved ice Trailer, “If you can dream it we can build it”. Most Concession Trailers are designed to meet someone’s specific needs and that is what we do best. With a delivery time as little as 4 weeks depending on the season.

This is a great business with high profits and I am sure it will be great for you too. Don’t keep putting off those dreams of an enjoyable job with unlimited returns. It is not a get rich quick adventure, but if you apply half as much time and energy in this business as you do you 40 hour a week job, the sky is the limit.

Most people that bought a Concession Trailer from us keep in touch. We not only sell you a quality Concession Trailer, but we are here to help with questions and direction to get you started. Most investors have emailed reports that they have paid for their Concession Trailer the first season! You can too! Call today to get started, May God continue to Bless the USA.

Ronny Thorne
JRP Concession Trailers